01/26/1999 04:43:25 PM
Work Order No. [0017]
Angelica S. GonzalezN/A
IBM Compatible :
rgalvan@esconet.orgBuilding Child Nutritional Services
843-3008Room Office
Printer :
HP DeskJet
Network :
Software :

Describe Problem
Having problem with the "Time in the Box" program, cannot access information
needed. Payroll information needed.

Repair Notes

Technician :Terry Trevino/VView/R01/EsconettCampus Advisor :
Labor :Mrs. Gonzalez was recieving errors when she would initialize the time in a box software. These errors had to do with the .DBF files that hold all employee data. I proceeded to run and scandisk to check for any errors in files directories and also the surface of the hard disk. What was found was a bad cluster in the hard disk, nonetheless, scandisk was able to relocate the data on that bad cluster. I then ran the time in a box software again, this time there was no errors as the program initialized and read the data from the .DBF files. So I recommended to Mrs. Gonzalez to first make a backup of all the data before proceeding with any other procedures. That operation was performed successfuly. Next I had here test the system by downloading information from the time boxes in each campus all information was downloaded to her system successfuly. So the Time in a box system is now working well.Principal/Administrator :
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CompletedCreated by Camilo Martinez/VView/R01/Esconett on 01/26/1999 04:48:19 PM.
Completed by Terry Trevino/VView/R01/Esconett on 01/28/1999 12:58:36 PM.